Frankly Thinking

Frankly Thinking

Learning in public, slowly

Won’t even pay a môrô

The following advertisement copy gave a non-native French speaker at my company some trouble when trying to translate the bolded word: “Actuellement si tu envoies jusqu’à 20.000F à quelqu’un, même môrô tu ne paies pas.“ Moro is a nickname for the 5 CFA (“say-fa”) coin, the smallest value CFA coin. So the translation reads: “Now, […]

Thoughts on thinking too much about where to live

Do I care about where I live? I certainly think about it and change it enough. In the time since I signed my last lease in NYC, I ended up in a remote job. With my income no longer linked to my location, I have been thinking a lot about where I want to live. […]

Good times to turn off your camera

I am enjoying Talent by Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross. The book is about identifying talent but it’s also a fun self-reflection exercise. A section I particularly liked was “When We Avoid Face-to-Face Contact.” TC and DG point out that in many areas of life, we conduct eye-contactless communication to encourage people to open up […]

[movie] After Yang

Kogonada’s After Yang Amazon description: When a young girl’s beloved robot-companion suddenly becomes unresponsive, her father searches for a way to repair it. As he digs into the issue, however, he finds that his relationships with his wife and daughter are in need of repair as well. Kogonada’s latest movie is After Yang. IMBD trivia […]

Inpainting: Consequences or Intent?

I enjoyed this picture of The Getty’s Senior Paintings Conservator Ulrich Birkmaier inpainting. Look at that focus. Inpaiting is a process where a conservator repairs a damaged piece of art. This painting, Willem de Kooning’s “Woman-Ochre,” needed repairing because on Thanksgiving Day 1985 someone cut it straight from its frame in broad daylights. This story […]

Nice Sentiment

If there were a ranking of quotes’ ratios of (Quality of Sentiment)/(# of Google page results), I think this would be towards the top: I well knew that one could break one’s arms and legs before, and that then afterwards that could get better but I didn’t know that one could break one’s brain and […]

Macbeth as Founder

Macbeth has been on my mind because of the new-ish movie by the Coen brother and a Broadway production with Daniel Craig. So when I recently saw that Shakespeare scholar Paul Cantor had died, I checked out his lecture series on how (among a lot of other things) Macbeth’s tyranny is deeply connected to his […]

Limited liability as optimism

Depending on who you ask, limited liability is either “the greatest single discovery of modern times” or “a substantial, regressive cross-subsidy to capital at the expense of tort creditors, tax authorities, and small businesses.” I suspect the benefits of limited liability outweigh its costs. But I can see how in its maximalist corporate form limited […]

Sound of Metal, Darius Marder

I finally got around to seeing Darius Marder’s Sound of Metal and it lived up to the hype around Riz Ahmed, Paul Raci (!), and the sound design (plus shots of the middle Midwest that can never be under-observed by the movies). But Paul Raci’s message three quarters of the way into the movie about […]


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